5 Twitter Features EVERY Business Should Use

5 Twitter Features EVERY Business Should Use

Tammira Lucas Twitter Tip

Who would have ever thought in a million years that a small “tweet” could impact your business growth? You should get adequately adjusted to depending on technology because the way we operate and grow our business will always depend on technology. Just in case you don’t know what Twitter is, Twitter is a microblogging site allowing users to post short text (maximum 140 characters) updates called tweets to a network of people called followers. Entrepreneurs can grow their brand by implementing Twitter as a marketing tool in their business.
Remember all social media platforms aren’t for every business. You must understand the purpose behind utilizing various platforms as well as your target market. Is your target Market on Twitter? If the answer is “yes” then here are 3 Twitter features you should be using in your business to get the BEST results/ROI (return on investment):
1. Trends– Twitter offers an option that says “Trends.” When you login Twitter it will be on the left hand side of the screen under your profile. Many people ignore this feature but it can be very beneficial as you grow your brand. Remember building a brand involves being knowledgeable about your industry and staying on top of the latest news and trends. The trend feature allows you to customize what information appears there so that you Trends tailored just for you. Trends offer a unique way to get closer to what you care about. They are tailored for you based on your location and who you follow.

2. Analytics– KNOW your numbers. Twitter now shows you the analytics for your accounts directly on the platform. If you are familiar with Facebook analytics Twitter offers the same thing! Knowing your numbers is very important with any marketing campaign, otherwise you will NEVER know what worked and what didn’t work. The analytic feature provides you with ALL the data you need to know about your twitter account!

3. Customize Header Photo– Just like Facebook Twitter allows you to have a profile picture and a header picture. Customizing your header photo offers you an opportunity to connect with your audience. Remember your profile information and pictures are your “elevator pitch.” You should be grasping the attention of your audience within 15 seconds otherwise they are going to scroll right past you!!! Remember images should be captivating and represent your BRAND!

4. Twitter Profile– Your Twitter profile should reflect your brand properly. Ensure that it is detailed as possible. REMEMBER it’s your elevator pitch!!!

5. Twitter Ads– Just like Facebook Twitter allows you to create ads. A small investment can reach your target audience directly and have a HUGE impact on your bank account. Don’t limit yourself to the capabilities these ads!

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Tammira Lucas, MBA
Written by Tammira Lucas, MBA

The 2015 Small Business Innovator by Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce, Tammira Lucas is a Mompreneur who is quickly emerging as a trailblazer among professionals and a powerful voice for women teaching them Business, Balance and Babies. Tammira is the CEO The Business Dr. Consulting Firm, CO-Founder of Moms As Entrepreneurs, Author, Speaker, Philanthropist and Professor. Tammira has been featured on Forbes Top 10 Entrepreneurial Websites for Women, and 10 Best Career Sites for Women. The BOSS Network and Jet Magazine. As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur Tammira loves to help women/ moms jump hurdles to success while learning the art of balance, business and babies. Tammira has also been recognized by 92Q as one of 2014 Baltimore’s Top 30 Under 30 and Baltimore’s Fab list.

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