Are You A Savvy Business Snapper?

Are You A Savvy Business Snapper?

Snap Chat for business profits

It’s SNAP CHAT TIME!!! Let me be very honest with you. I said a million times that I would not SUBJECT myself to using Snap Chat [insert eye rolling emoji]. I thought it was dumb and I was annoyed that a new social media platform hit the market yet again. When Periscope launched, business owners migrated to it and thought they were killing the game. (Some of them were and some of them were getting their friends to log in and give them hearts, but that is neither nor there.) I saw Snap Chat as just another platform for people to display their not so interesting lives [insert eye rolling emoji here] to the world that doesn’t really care.

Well, it was a dark and stormy night. I was home alone and … Just kidding. At our Mom As Entrepreneurs Academy Launch, our good friend, Patrick Rife from Pixilated Photobooth and the Co-Founder of Startup Soiree, created a Snap Chat filter for us. How cool, right? It forced me to get on Snap Chat so that we can use this wonderful present from our friend. Over that next week I started to use Snap Chat more and more, and saw that it could be very beneficial for small business owners!

Now I know you are probably saying, “Tammira, how is that so on a platform such as this?,” I am The Business Dr. and you are reading this because I always have a strategy up my sleeve!!!

Today’s consumer is increasing concerned about the person behind the business – the business owner. This is how they connect with brands the most. Have you ever seen a celebrity in person that had a reality show, or has had their lives displayed in the media? When you meet them you feel like you know everything about them! Snap Chat allows you to be that celebrity and for your consumer to feel like they know you and can connect to your brand.

Snap Chat gives you the opportunity to video what you are doing in your business at a specific time in 30 seconds or less. However, Snap Chat video or pictures only last for 24 hours, so just like any other platform you have to ensure you have a strategy and a calendar on how you will utilize it.

As per usual, here are a couple ideas of how you can become a successful business Snapper:

  1. Give your audience a “Behind-the-Scenes” view of your business.

Everyone wants to know everything these days. Use that fact to tap into a potential connection with your target audience. Allow them to see what goes on behind the business! Let people see the process before they see the product. They feel like you’re giving them the inside scoop and you get the opportunity to make nods towards your website, product or whatever else you’re working on. For instance, if you are working on a blog, ‘snap’ yourself during the writing process. Here’s the perfect opportunity to point your audience to your website to read the blog once it’s completed. Snap Chat allows you to type directly on a picture or video, and you can also mention it in the video itself. Make sure you have an opt-in feature to capture your consumer’s information once they make it to your site!

  1. Filters Are Your Friends.

If you’ve used Snap Chat, you’ve seen the cute filters that pop up depending on your location. Did you know that you could create them for your business or event, too? Snap Chat filters are geo-tagged, which means when the user gets in a certain area the filter attached to that location becomes available to them. Use this to your advantage! When you are at a big event, hosting an event, or even if you have a business location, create a filter and allow your audience to interact with you that way! The great thing about this is that EVERYONE in the geographic location has access to the filter. This means that people who were not familiar with your business now have the opportunity to interact with it because of your filter. Make sure your filter is fun, but not too overly promotional. You want it to be branded just enough for consumers to be intrigued to find our more about who you are if they don’t already know.

Before you judge Snap Chat like I did, think about how you can leverage it to grow your business!!!


Happy Snapping!

Tammira Lucas, MBA
Written by Tammira Lucas, MBA

The 2015 Small Business Innovator by Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce, Tammira Lucas is a Mompreneur who is quickly emerging as a trailblazer among professionals and a powerful voice for women teaching them Business, Balance and Babies. Tammira is the CEO The Business Dr. Consulting Firm, CO-Founder of Moms As Entrepreneurs, Author, Speaker, Philanthropist and Professor. Tammira has been featured on Forbes Top 10 Entrepreneurial Websites for Women, and 10 Best Career Sites for Women. The BOSS Network and Jet Magazine. As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur Tammira loves to help women/ moms jump hurdles to success while learning the art of balance, business and babies. Tammira has also been recognized by 92Q as one of 2014 Baltimore’s Top 30 Under 30 and Baltimore’s Fab list.

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