Credit Scores or Credit Content? Which is more valuable?

Credit Scores or Credit Content? Which is more valuable?

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I had to slightly chuckle to myself as I began to work on this blog. No, nothing is really funny but it brought me back to a conversation I had with another young lady in the credit industry. She wanted me to understand that clients only care about how high their scores are.

Yes, this is in fact a half truth. 
This was yet another opportunity for me to share why I am just not built like most credit companies or consultants. I like to give my clients the real deal and resources that will last them for a lifetime.
So, let’s answer the question.
Believe it or not, credit content is more valuable then a credit score. If you haven’t noticed by now, but credit scores go up & down daily – but your scores are created by the content on your report. (Need a copy of your credit report? Visit for a $1 7-day membership.)  I’ve personally witnessed clients with incredibly high credit scores getting denied for certain credit applications due to the content listed on your report.
So, what do I advise?
I recommend creating a bulletproof credit file. On your report you should have these necessary components to ensure you have the proper makeup to qualify for the things you’d like to obtain or just to be financially secure.
These things are:
  1.  Stable on time payment history for a minimum of two years
  2.  3-4 credit cards that have very low usage
  3. Mixture of accounts: mortgage, auto loan, installment accounts, & revolving accounts
  4. 100% up to date personal information
  5. No consumer/personal statements on the credit file
  6. Very minimal or no negative information
  7. Resolved student loans (paid off, deferred, etc.)
  8. Satisfied public records

These recommendations allow for a stable report and the best possible credit scores possible. Consider these tips & pace yourself to apply these to your life. Trust me, the difference you’re going to see, will be life changing.

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Akira Dixon
Written by Akira Dixon

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    April 29, 2016

    This article is incredible. When talking about credit, everyone seems to focus on the credit score and pass quickly over the “narrative”. This information will be invaluable to my clients, customers and prospects. Is there any way I can pass it on to them without infringing on Akira’s rights?


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