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Happy Monday Business Lovers! I hope the weekend bought you everything you wanted and more. Today I wanted to take time and talk about things that I am passionate about, but before I do let’s chat a little on why you should always uncover your passions.


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Very often I get emails or talk to someone that says they want to start a business but they don’t know what they would start a business in. The first thing I ask them is “what are you passionate about.” Of course I get the blank stare face. Vast majority of people don’t know how to uncover what they are most passionate about. In my expert opinion most people don’t know how to identify their passions because they are constantly fulfilling other people dreams instead of their own. They often forget about what makes them happy because they are focus on making others happy and not themselves. They live each day like a robot doing the same thing around the same time to accomplish the same goals.


STOP!!!! Find your passions and embrace them. Since the beginning of the year I have been doing things that make me happy and I am passionate about. I found that I was lost in my business. I focused so much on my business that I forgot to focus on myself. Yes my business is something that I am passionate about and it definitely makes me happy BUT I forgot about all the other things make me happy!


Don’t make the same mistake I did find your passions and live your dreams! Thanks to Dr. Harold Arnold I am sharing my Passion Portfolio with you all.


My first Passion: Traveling

Anyone knows me know that I LOVE traveling. It brings me peace and serenity when I can travel to different parts of the world and take in everything they have to offer. This year I plan on taking at least one trip a month (I have been on track thus far). This month I visited one of my favorite places in the United States, Orlando (I plan on living there soon) and this week I am off to the North Carolina. Next month I will be in Aruba for the first time and I am very excited to see what Aruba have to offer! I promise to keep you all updated on my journey especially when I visit Thailand later this year!

My second Passion: Crafting

Crafting is something I always used as a form of therapy and since dissolving Ryann’s Closet I found myself not crafting as much. I would say I can attribute my lack of crafting to me running my businesses and finishing my dissertation. Guess what? I will be crafting more again especially with DIY home décor. Spring is my favorite season to craft and I made the promise to do one craft project a month!

My third Passion: Bargain Shopping

I’m sorry but bargain shopping is truly a passion of mine. I feel so great when I find great items for great prices. I don’t care if it’s clothes or something for the house I LOVE A BARGAIN! I haven’t really come up with a plan on how I will fulfill this passion (I am always shopping so I probably don’t need a plan lol) but I know that this will be fulfilled lol.


Before you can be your best for your business you must be your best for yourself. That’s why it is important to take a step back find your passions and live them!!


What is in your Passion Portfolio?


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Tammira Lucas, MBA
Written by Tammira Lucas, MBA

The 2015 Small Business Innovator by Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce, Tammira Lucas is a Mompreneur who is quickly emerging as a trailblazer among professionals and a powerful voice for women teaching them Business, Balance and Babies. Tammira is the CEO The Business Dr. Consulting Firm, CO-Founder of Moms As Entrepreneurs, Author, Speaker, Philanthropist and Professor. Tammira has been featured on Forbes Top 10 Entrepreneurial Websites for Women, and 10 Best Career Sites for Women. The BOSS Network and Jet Magazine. As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur Tammira loves to help women/ moms jump hurdles to success while learning the art of balance, business and babies. Tammira has also been recognized by 92Q as one of 2014 Baltimore’s Top 30 Under 30 and Baltimore’s Fab list.

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