Stop Faking. Your business isn’t that successful.

Stop Faking. Your business isn’t that successful.


Your business aint that successful

Disclaimer: This is a rant, turned teaching moment.

I am tired of seeing people start businesses and rave about its success a mere three months later.

I was compelled to write this blog because I constantly come in contact with people who DO NOT want to be transparent about their business, especially us women! Listen, the best advice I can give you is to stop faking your business success. You are doing yourself and your business a grave injustice, for the record.

There are not too many people who get into business and a week later are not just surviving, but thriving! The first five years of your business is a trial phase. It will be pegged with ups, downs, highs, lows and tons of mistakes. The early stages of your business are the testing phase for you to determine whether or not your product (or service) is scalable and sustainable.

Transparency will actually be the one thing to help your business grow. The lack thereof will be detrimental to your business, success and growth. Why? Faking it closes the door for others to help you! You won’t be able to take advantage of great resources that can help your business grow. You never know if someone out there has an amazing idea to help your business soar!

I never understood why people didn’t want to fail. As I got order I realized that people are more worried about proving things to people than focusing on themselves. In our social media driven world, everyone has the “perfect life” (or do they?). One thing I know (and not as an expert in business, but as a human being) is that NO one is perfect. The minute you realize you aren’t perfect, and your business will never be perfect, is the minute you begin on the journey to success.

You will never be able to run a successful business on a lie (Sorry. I ain’t sorry).


Whether or not you’re a novice or veteran business owner, you have to TELL THE TRUTH! When I am asked about my business, I always give the obstacles I am facing and the success I’ve achieved. I paint the full picture, because, hey, maybe this person has the solution to my problem.

When it comes to faking it until you make it, I say opt for transparency, take all the advice you can get, and grind until goals are your baseline.


Thank me later,

The Business Dr.

Tammira Lucas, MBA
Written by Tammira Lucas, MBA

The 2015 Small Business Innovator by Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce, Tammira Lucas is a Mompreneur who is quickly emerging as a trailblazer among professionals and a powerful voice for women teaching them Business, Balance and Babies. Tammira is the CEO The Business Dr. Consulting Firm, CO-Founder of Moms As Entrepreneurs, Author, Speaker, Philanthropist and Professor. Tammira has been featured on Forbes Top 10 Entrepreneurial Websites for Women, and 10 Best Career Sites for Women. The BOSS Network and Jet Magazine. As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur Tammira loves to help women/ moms jump hurdles to success while learning the art of balance, business and babies. Tammira has also been recognized by 92Q as one of 2014 Baltimore’s Top 30 Under 30 and Baltimore’s Fab list.

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