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ashley This by far has been a wonderful experience for me. Working with Tammira have shown me that I can receive the assistances need to keep me on track. She has made it her duty that I get everything done on time and in a timely fashion. She is very informative and won’t let you slack when knowing that a task needs to be completed. I would refer her to many that may need the additional push to help them and their business to achieve goals. It’s so many things I can say but I’m just briefly say that she is a blessing to me and no one has push me, or have a much faith to see me through my dreams. I am truly thankful for her services. Not only did her services help me shape my business but Tammira help with finding me an additional $5000 a month in revenue through my business.

Meg Brindle, PhD Director of Education, Light Years IP
www.lightyearsip.net www.maasaiip.org

I enrolled into Tammira’s Social Media Millionaire Virtual Course and learned more about best ways to utilize Facebook to advance our NGO’s mission in one hour than I’d known in two years.

Tarae Spence

Colletta Orr, MPH, Colletta Orr & Associates

IMG_2987To make our biggest impact in the world, we can’t do it alone. Each of us need a circle of mentors, cheerleaders, and passionate supporters, who will lift us up and help us realize our full potential.  Tammira has been a very important part of my circle. She is one of the most business-savvy and genuinely helpful professionals I have ever met. The Business Dr. (Tammira) strategically help me to restructure my business model so that within a few monthsI more than doubled my revenue. I was able to gain rapid media exposure, as well as many speaking engagements. She has always impressed me with her dedication, organizational expertise, strategic consulting know-how, cutting-edge use of social media, and innovative approach to solving problems. Being part of her coaching program has given me the tools I needed to make real changes in my business.

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